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Wydania DVD serialu, wszystkie anglojęzyczne. Zawierają wszytkie odcinki poszczególnych sezonów plus dodatki.

csi-sezon1 Sezon 1
Zawartość DVD:
  • Disc 1: Pilot, Cool Change; Crate and Burial; Pledging Mr. Johnson
  • Disc 2: Friends and Lovers; Who Are You?; Blood Drops; Anonymous
  • Disc 3: Unfriendly Skies; Sex, Lies and Larvae; I-15 Murders; Fahrenheit 932
  • Disc 4: Boom; To Halve and to Hold; Table Stakes; Too Tough to Die
  • Disc 5: Face Lift; $35K O.B.O; Gentle, Gentle; Sounds of Silence
  • Disc 6: Justice is Served; Evaluation Day; Strip Strangler
  • Character Profiles
  • CSI Music Video "Who Are You"
  • CSI Featurette "People Lie... But The Evidence Never Does"
csi-sezon2 Sezon 2
Zawartość DVD:
  • Disc 1: "Burked", "Chaos Theory", "Overload", "Bully For You"
  • Disc 2: "Scuba Doobie-Doo", "Alter Boys", "Caged", "Slaves of Las Vegas"
  • Disc 3: "And Then There Were None". "Ellie", "Organ Grinder", "You've Got Male"
  • Disc 4: "Identity Crisis", "The Finger", "Burden of Proof", "Primum Non Nocere"
  • Disc 5: "Felonius Monk", "Chasing the Bus", "Stalker", "Cats in the Cradle..."
  • Disc 6: "Anatomy of a Lye", "Cross-Jurisdictions", "The Hunger Artist"
  • Episode 201 "Burked", Episode 206 "Alter Boys", Episode 210 "Ellie" with audio commentary
  • Behind-the-Scenes: Make-up, Music and Special Effects, CSI Shooting Locations, The CSI Tour, Tools of the Trade, The Making of A Hit
csi-sezon3 Sezon 3
Zawartość DVD:
  • Disc 1: "Revenge is Best Served Cold", "The Accused is Entitled", "Let the Seller Beware", "A Little Murder"
  • Disc 2: "Abra Cadaver", "The Execution of Catherine Willows", "Fright Night", "Snuff"
  • Disc 3: "Blood Lust", "High and Low", "Recipe For Murder", "Got Murder?"
  • Disc 4: "Random Acts of Violence", "One Hit Wonder", "Lady Heather's Box", "Lucky Strike"
  • Disc 5: "Crash and Burn", "Precious Metal", "A Night At The Movies", "Last Laugh"
  • Disc 6: "Forever", "Play With Fire", "Inside The Box"
  • Audio Commentaries by Cast and Crew On Select Episodes
  • 5 Exclusive Behind the Scenes Featurettes:
    The CSI Tour: Police Station
    The CSI Shot: Making It Real
    The Writers' Room
    CSI Moves Into Season 3
    Crime Scene Field Kit
csi-sezon4 Sezon 4
Zawartość DVD:
  • Disc 1: "Assume Nothing", "All for Our Country", "Homebodies", "Invisible Evidence"
  • Disc 2: "Feeling the Heat", "Fur and Loathing", "Jackpot", "After the Show"
  • Disc 3: "Grissom Versus the Volcano", "Coming of Rage", "Eleven Angry Jurors", "Butterflied"
  • Disc 4: "Suckers", "Paper or Plastic", "Early Rollout", "Getting Off"
  • Disc 5: "XX", "Bad To The Bone", "Bad Words", "Dead Ringer"
  • Disc 6: "Turning the Screws", "No More Bets", "Bloodlines"
  • The Evolution Of An Episode From Concept To Completion:
    Script: See how a concept comes to life in the writers' room and goes from an idea into a cohesive script.
    Pre Production: See how the crew makes plans and preparations for exactly how, when and where the elements in the script will be created and shot.
    Production: See how the cast and crew move from location to the sound stage and capture it all on film.
    Post-Production: See where all the pieces are cut into order, polished and refined until the story is told and the episode is complete.
    Audio Commentaries on 7 Episodes
csi-sezon5 Sezon 5
Zawartość DVD:
  • Disc 1: "Viva Las Vegas", "Down the Drain", "Harvest", "Crow's Feet"
  • Disc 2: "Swap Meet", "What's Eating Gilbert Grissom?", "Formalities", "Ch-Ch-Changes"
  • Disc 3: "Mea Culpa", "No Humans Involved", "Who Shot Sherlock?", "Snakes"
  • Disc 4: "Nesting Dolls", "Unbearable", "King Baby", "Big Middle"
  • Disc 5: "Compulsion", "Spark of Life", "4 x 4", "Hollywood Brass"
  • Disc 6: "Committed", "Weeping Willows", "Iced", "Grave Danger"
  • CSI: Season 5- A Post Mortem
  • The Research of CSI: Maintaining the Accuracy
  • CSI: Tarantino Style
  • CSI: Forensic Procedures On the Scene Vs. On the Screen
  • Audio Commentaries on 9 episodes
csi-sezon6 Sezon 6
Zawartość DVD:
  • Disc 1: "Bodies in Motion", "Room Service", "Bite Me", "Shooting Stars"
  • Disc 2: "Gum Drops", "Secrets and Flies", "A Bullet Runs Through It (1)", "A Bullet Runs Through It (2)"
  • Disc 3: "Dog Eat Dog", "Still Life", "Werewolves", "Daddy's Little Girl"
  • Disc 4: "Kiss-Kiss, Bye-Bye", "Killer", "Pirates of the Third Reich", "Up in Smoke"
  • Disc 5: "I Like to Watch", "The Unusual Suspect", "Spellbound", "Poppin' Tags"
  • Disc 6: "Rashomama", "Time of Your Death", "Bang Bang", "Way to Go"
  • CSI: The Science of Sound
  • Gadgets and Gizmos
  • Coroner Reports
  • Apparent Cause of Death
  • Season Six Trajectory
  • The New Title Sequence
csi-sezon7 Sezon 7
Zawartość DVD:
  • Disc 1: "Built to Kill (1)", "Built to Kill (2)", "Toe Tags", "Fannysmackin'"
  • Disc 2: "Double Cross", "Burn Out", "Post Mortem", "Happenstance"
  • Disc 3: "Living Legend", "Loco Motives", "Leaving Las Vegas", "Sweet Jane"
  • Disc 4: "Redrum", "Meet Market", "Law of Gravity", "Monster in the Box"
  • Disc 5: "Fallen Idols", "Empty Eyes", "Big Shots", "Lab Rats"
  • Disc 6: "Ending Happy", "Leapin' Lizards", "The Good, the Bad and the Dominatrix", "Living Doll"
  • Smoke and Mirrors: Directing Feature Television.
  • Miniature Murders
  • Inside ''Built to Kill''
  • Las Vegas: The Real Crime Solvers
  • Audio Commentaries on 7 episodes
csi-sezon8 Sezon 8
Zawartość DVD:
  • Disc 1: "Dead Doll", "A La Cart", "Go To Hell", "The Case of the Cross-Dressing Carp"
  • Disc 2: "The Chick Chop Flick Shop", "Who and What", "Goodbye and Good Luck", "You Kill Me"
  • Disc 3: "Cockroaches", "Lying Down with Dogs", "Bull", "Grissom's Divine Comedy"
  • Disc 4: "A Thousand Days on Earth", "Drops' Out", "The Theory of Everything", "Two and a Half Deaths"
  • Disc 5: "For Gedda", dodatki

In the 17 Season 8 episodes, one beloved character departs - and another dies - in the pursuit of justice. Season 8 also includes the Without a Trace crossover episodes ''Who and What'' and ''Where and Why.'' Bonus features include a sextet of featurettes, deleted scenes, and audio commentaries on ''Cockroaches'' and ''You Kill Me.''

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